Social Prescribing Program


Social prescribing is when primary care physicians or other health practitioners write a social prescription to refer persons to a community-based senior’s community connector who will work with the patient to develop a wellness plan and connect them to a range of local, non-clinical services in their community. A “social prescription” addresses a person’s social needs as part of their overall health and wellness plan, and allows for a comprehensive approach to multiple medical issues.

As people age and become more vulnerable, their social circumstances significantly impact their health. Primary care providers often witness the complex health and social care needs of their older patients. Social inequalities, social environments, sense of life control and coherence, social support, social networks and socio-economic status each have been associated with health status. Growing series of studies indicate health and frailty status can be quantified, creating the opportunity to mitigate the accumulation of health deficits such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc.  Frailty is defined as a state of extreme vulnerability to stressors, exposing the individual to a higher risk of negative health related outcomes. Frailty can also reduce quality and length of life and independence.


Through collaboration, the primary care providers (General Practioners/Nurse Practioners) and the seniors community connector ensure small achievable goals are developed in a wellness plan. Support is provided to the patient, caregiver and their family to self manage health and social challenges to delay frailty and loss of independence for as long as possible.

You can ask your healthcare practitioner for a referral  or you can self refer by contacting:

     Anna Shott

Phone: 236-880-4120

Fax: 1-778-653-0660