Our History

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In 1978, a group of young men from the local Kinsmen Club learned about a seniors’ community that had both housing and recreation in Penticton, BC. They felt that something similar was needed in South Delta and initiated a very worthwhile project. They incorporated as a Society (The Kinsmen Retirement Centre Association) and worked with government to develop plans.

KinVillage is History in the Making

One word to describe KinVillage’s history is “evolving”. Most of the land was donated to the Corporation of Delta by the Winskill Family in Tsawwassen to be used for seniors’ services. It was transferred to the Kinsmen Retirement Centre Association and has seen continual development since the first residence opened in 1980. The attached older adult-focused Community Centre was opened in 1982, and an additional 3 residential buildings were constructed over the following 12 years. The buildings have undergone significant renovations to accommodate the changing needs of the South Delta community.

With people living longer, senior citizens are a growing part of our communities. In fact, the number of seniors in Canada aged 65 and over increased 14.1% between 2006 and 2011. As part of a commitment to use our expertise and resources to support older adults living in the broader community, KinVillage has evolved to include outreach programs such as its Day Program for Older Adults and through partnerships with other agencies (Meals on Wheels, health clinics and support groups).

Kin_village-15The face of our residents has also transformed with the changing population. It was not uncommon in our early years for residents of the care home to be 65-75 years of age – many owned a car and drove regularly. Over time, however, the average age has steadily increased and care home residents are well into the 80s, 90s and even beyond. Many seniors deal with more complex medical conditions resulting in increasing mobility and cognitive challenges. Despite this, older adults fully expect to live actively, stay connected and be vibrant at all stages of aging. As a result, our community has evolved to meet their needs and support their goals.

The only thing that remains consistent is CHANGE! Well, that, and what’s at the heart of KinVillage – our enduring commitment to high quality service in a caring community.