A Festive Oasis for KinVillage Residents

On a cold December 14th, KinVillage residents and management joined members of the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen in officially recognizing Rotary Corner.  This oasis, currently decked out for the festive season and located at 12th Avenue and 54A Street is a convenient resting spot for residents walking between KinVillage and Tsawwassen Town Centre.

KinVillage Board Director, Peter Dandyk, designed this area as part of the Brio Development, for which he was the Architect, and gained support to build it from the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, of which he is a long-standing, active member.

As John Lusted, KinVillage’s Director of Recreation noted while those gathered enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate at the Corner:  “We applaud Peter’s efforts and the contribution of the Rotary Club.  Rotary Corner provides a pleasant seating area and is especially valued by KinVillage residents and members who may appreciate a little rest when coming from or going to KinVillage.”

Thanks Peter for helping make Tsawwassen a more elder-friendly community!