KinVillage’s Future Takes Shape

You may recall that in November KinVillage hosted some information sessions to share initial thoughts on how KinVillage’s site may evolve in the years ahead.

A total of 84 people participated – 17 from the general public, 16 KinVillage residents, 10 staff, and 41 volunteers and/or members.

Feedback received was mostly positive. The main themes identified include:
• Support for the Master Plan, and expanded height and density, provided it remains a place for non-market seniors’ housing.
• A need for an on-site gathering space for both the public and residents.
• The need to accommodate all future parking needs.
• Retaining and expanding green space.

As a result of this feedback, the draft Master Plan shared at the information sessions was slightly revised. On January 24th, KinVillage’s Board of Directors approved the final Master Plan.

Being responsive to changing community needs and replacing aging buildings is a long and complex journey for KinVillage.

Redevelopment of the KinVillage site is anticipated to take 20 years plus, with the first phase of construction (on the North Court lot) commencing at earliest in 2020. Actual timing will be highly dependent on government support. In order for KinVillage to be successful in securing such support, it’s essential that we have a viable plan ready.

We now have a Master Plan – we’ve taken the first critical step!