Team KinVillage joins the South Delta Walk for Alzheimer’s

Team KinVillage 2019

On Sunday, May 5, 2019, Team KinVillage, alongside of hundreds of other South Delta residents, joined the fight against Alzheimer’s by walking in the 1st Inaugural South Delta Walk for Alzheimer’s.   KinVillage was also proud to be a sponsor for the first ever South Delta Walk for Alzheimer’s event.

This year’s South Delta Walk Honourable Guests were Ron and Geramy Powell, members of not only the South Delta community, but as a current participants in KinVillage’s Day Program for Adults, Ron and his wife Geramy are also an important part of the KinVillage community!

Team KinVillage raised $2,344.00 towards local support and learning opportunities for people living with dementia and their families and to enable further research into the causes and a cure. So far, the South Delta Walk for Alzheimer’s raised over $33,000.00 in online donations alone.

Thank you to everyone who supported Team KinVillage by donating so generously!  We are looking forward to next year’s Walk which we are sure will be even more successful. 


KinVillage’s plans for gradually redeveloping its site recently took two more giant steps forward.

Back in January 2017, KinVillage’s Board of Directors approved its ambitious Master Plan to guide redevelopment of KinVillage’s site and buildings over the next 20+ years.  Since KinVillage is serving the South Delta community in buildings approaching 40 years old, and the needs of older adults in our community have and will continue to change, we need to be proactive in preparing for the future.  The Master Plan was a big step towards this.  Recently, there have been two more.

On November 9, 2018, we were thrilled to receive word from BC Housing that our application to build more affordable housing under its Building BC Community Housing Fund was approved. Our application was to create a new apartment building, with 160 suites, on the parking lot between North and Vidal Courts.  The next step of our planning process, which is now underway, includes assessing and fine-tuning our initial proposal.  Suites in the new building will be occupied by older adults, or younger people with disabilities, who live on low to moderate incomes and are able to live independently.  Our current timeline for construction to begin is fall 2020, with building occupancy by fall 2022.

On January 29th this year, following a thorough municipal process that included two public forums, Delta City Council approved KinVillage’s application to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP).  The new OCP provides the framework critical for KinVillage to continue providing affordable homes and a range of health and wellness services for a growing number of older adults.  The new OCP allows for increased density and building height.  As a result, over the next 20 years, KinVillage expects to more than double the number of older adults and younger people with disabilities living here.  KinVillage currently provides 310 suites, with almost two-thirds of these offering a range of health services; the OCP allows for a total of almost 800 suites.  We also hope to expand our Day Program for Older Adults and consider providing other “ancillary” services on site that would be valued by KinVillage residents and potentially by residents of the broader community.  Our future includes underground parking and continued connections through our site to the neighbouring Winskill Park.

While our immediate focus is on Phase 1, the North Court Redevelopment project, we will continue to engage with our partners, such as Fraser Health and the City, to identify, advocate and plan for subsequent phases towards realizing the long-term vision presented in the Master Plan.

Minister of Seniors, Minister Filomena Tassi and Minister Carla Qualtrough tour KinVillage

KinVillage was honoured to welcome Minister Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors and Minister Carla Qualtrough, MP for Delta, for a tour of KinVillage on February 12, 2019. The Ministers had the opportunity to learn about KinVillage’s upcoming redevelopment and plans for the future. As the Ministers’ toured KinVillage, several of our residents and volunteers had the chance to visit with our special guests and chat about their experience at KinVillage.

BC Care Provider of the Year (Assisted Living) Awards Finalist…. Brian Winger!

Brian Winger
KinVillage Assisted Living

Every year, the BC Care Awards celebrate care providers who go above and beyond delivering care to our seniors. This year our very own, Brian Winger, was a finalist for this prestigious award. Here is why Brian was nominated for this award:

For Brian, his work at KinVillage is deeply personal. He gives 200% because he genuinely cares for and about the assisted living residents. He knows that what he does and how he does it will make a difference in their day. It’s why he’s here.

He supports residents to live their lives fully by offering creative and appealing programs designed to enhance physical, cognitive, spiritual, social and emotional health. He reminds and gently encourages residents to participate. He continually adapts and changes programs and activities in response to changing resident needs and to their feedback and input.

He is fun and full of surprises. He is compassionate and kind, always and to everyone. He makes our residence a home and welcomes every resident to it as part of the family and every visitor as a friend.

Brian has consistently provided high quality recreation services at KinVillage for over 12 years, never faltering in his dedication. He is very much deserving of this award; each and every resident living in the Assisted Living Residence would without doubt say the same.

The residents, staff, and family members would be thrilled if Brian was to be formally recognized for all his contributions and his dedication.

Congratulations Brian!

Thank you to the Legion Branch #289

As a registered charity serving older adults in Tsawwassen, KinVillage relies on the generous support of the community to help enhance the lives of its residents, clients and members.

Tsawwassen Royal Canadian Legion Branch 289’s recent presentation of a $3,000 cheque to KinVillage brings its total contributions to more than $20,000 over the past 8 years.  The Legion’s financial assistance has allowed KinVillage to purchase a wide range of equipment and furnishings – from comfortable seating for KinVillage’s Care Home residents, an able walker for its Rehab program, outdoor garden tables, a barbecue, and TVs – to this year’s acquisition of a specialty mattress designed to prevent injury and promote comfort and safety for Care Home residents at risk of developing pressure ulcers.  All of these purchases, made through the Tsawwassen Legion’s continued generosity, benefit those who call KinVillage home, and their visitors.

As always, we are grateful to the Legion for its contributions – when we identify a need, it is there to help!


(from L to R) Lloyd Jones (Tsawwassen Royal Legion #289), Bill Bains (President – Tsawwassen Royal Legion #289), John Lusted (Director of Recreation, KinVillage), Nadine Brown (Clinical Practice Leader, KinVillage), Brian Elsey (Tsawwassen Royal Legion #289)

New Bingo Machine for KinVillage Community Centre

Thanks to everyone that purchased Grand Raffle tickets earlier this year, we were able to purchase a new bingo machine!

The Grand Raffle winners were:
1st prize – Rita Papworth
2nd prize – Mike Rickaby
3rd prize – Chris Dirk

The biggest winner of all, however, is KinVillage Community Centre. Through the generosity of raffle ticket buyers, we were able to use the $4,278 raised to purchase a new bingo system. Since our old system was breaking down, the new one came just in time. This new system is computerized so that the various styles of games come up on the board with a touch of a key on the computer keyboard. Everyone is loving it!



Delta Foundation Helps Out! Again!

KinVillage called on the Delta Foundation and, once again, this June, it supported KinVillage’s work in the community through a grant.  Over the past 5 years, each time that KinVillage asked, the Foundation Board approved its request and generously provided a total of almost $25,000.  KinVillage is grateful for the Foundation’s support through these grants, which it has put to good use:

  • Assisted Living residents are enjoying cool beverages this summer with the recent addition of an ice machine.
  • Many residents in Long-term Residential Care and Assisted Living have benefitted from the Java Cart Music Therapy program.
  • Long-term care residents in West Court are able to enjoy movies and music programs on a large flat screen TV that was installed when their lounge was renovated.
  • Members of the KinVillage Community Centre and other local residents can continue to appreciate the nutritious, delicious and affordable meals, beverages and snacks prepared by Chef Adrian in his kitchen and served at the Buenos Dias Café.
  • Residents, including those who depend on wheelchairs and other mobility devices, can continue to experience outings into the community – everything from leisure drives to places like Rifles Bird Sanctuary and local beaches, lunch outings, and practical trips for shopping or to attend church services. These are both pleasurable and practical – helping to maintain independence and community connections.

As a Registered Charity, KinVillage does gratefully accept donations directly.  And it values the contributions of its volunteers who help raise funds through its annual book sale and grand lottery (not to mention giving generously of their time and talents in so many other ways!).   It also admires and appreciates the opportunities that the Delta Foundation, our local community foundation, provides to community members to generously donate as well as the commitment and stewardship of the Foundation’s volunteer Board of Directors.  KinVillage, on behalf of the seniors it serves, is grateful to be a beneficiary of the Foundation’s efforts and commitment to have a lasting and positive impact on the community of Delta.

Tom Siba (KinVillage member), Donna Ellis (CEO), Carol Howard (Director of Housing), Eleanor Calderwood (Delta Foundation)

Tom Siba (KinVillage member), Donna Ellis (CEO), Carol Howard (Director of Housing), Eleanor Calderwood (Delta Foundation)

KinVillage’s Future Takes Shape

You may recall that in November KinVillage hosted some information sessions to share initial thoughts on how KinVillage’s site may evolve in the years ahead.

A total of 84 people participated – 17 from the general public, 16 KinVillage residents, 10 staff, and 41 volunteers and/or members.

Feedback received was mostly positive. The main themes identified include:
• Support for the Master Plan, and expanded height and density, provided it remains a place for non-market seniors’ housing.
• A need for an on-site gathering space for both the public and residents.
• The need to accommodate all future parking needs.
• Retaining and expanding green space.

As a result of this feedback, the draft Master Plan shared at the information sessions was slightly revised. On January 24th, KinVillage’s Board of Directors approved the final Master Plan.

Being responsive to changing community needs and replacing aging buildings is a long and complex journey for KinVillage.

Redevelopment of the KinVillage site is anticipated to take 20 years plus, with the first phase of construction (on the North Court lot) commencing at earliest in 2020. Actual timing will be highly dependent on government support. In order for KinVillage to be successful in securing such support, it’s essential that we have a viable plan ready.

We now have a Master Plan – we’ve taken the first critical step!


Information Open House – KinVillage’s Master Plan



KinVillage is embarking on a Master Planning process to help guide the long-term future for our site.

Our goal is to develop an understanding of how we can best continue to serve our existing residents and clients while responding to changing community needs.

KinVillage has been serving South Delta for over 35 years and we need to think about the future so we will be positioned to, over the next 20 years or so, replace aging buildings and ensure we have the resources to do so.

Interested individuals are invited to join the conversation about the future of our site.  In addition to sessions for our internal stakeholders (KinVillage residents and families, clients, members, staff and volunteers), a Public Information Open House is being held at the KinVillage Community Centre on:

November 24, 2016 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm

There have been no submissions made to the Corporation of Delta; this is simply an opportunity to come and talk about some initial ideas.

Individuals from KinVillage and their consultants will be there to answer any questions and receive feedback.   As further changes are contemplated to the KinVillage site, there will be additional opportunities to provide feedback.


KinVillage 2016 Annual General Meeting

group-01bodL to R –  Back Row: Sharon Farrish (Vice-Chair), Roger Everett,Kerry Bentley, Rick Lewall, Randy May, Jordan Kinghorn, Lillian AlexusL to R – Front Row:  Dennis DesLauriers (Chair), Donna Ellis (CEO), Peter Dandyk  Absent:  Lisa Burt-Paxton

On  September 13th,  KinVillage  Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Community Centre.

Board of Directors, Kerry Bentley, and CEO Donna Ellis reported on highlights of the 2016/17 fiscal year.

The same volunteers will continue to serve for another year on the Board of Directors.  Dennis DesLauriers  was  appointed by the Board as its new Chair (replacing Kerry Bentley in that role)  and Sharon Farrish was elected as Vice-Chair.

If you are interested in reading the reports presented, please download the PDF documents below.

Thank you to those that were in attendance. We hope to see you soon.

Click the link below to download the CEO Report for 2016:
2016 CEO Report

Click the link below to download the Board Chair Report for 2016:
2016 Board Chair Report