KinVillage Achieves Exemplary Standing in Accreditation

Accreditation Canada has awarded KinVillage Association Exemplary Standing, its highest level.  This distinction recognizes KinVillage as an organization that exceeds the rigorous requirements of the accreditation program and demonstrates excellence in quality improvement.


Accreditation Canada, an independent, not-for-profit organization, helps “raise the bar for health quality” and has four levels of awards:  Not Accredited, Accredited, Accredited with Commendation, and Accredited with Exemplary Standing.  For more than 55 years, it has set standards for quality and safety in health care and currently accredits more than 1,100 health care and social service organizations in Canada and around the world.

Following an extensive self-assessment earlier this year, in October 2015, accreditation surveyors visited KinVillage.  Their review of KinVillage’s health programs (Long-term Residential Care, Assisted Living, and Day Program for Older Adults), leadership and governance included one-on-one discussions with staff, residents, clients and their families, documentation reviews and conversations with community partners.  Surveyors compared KinVillage’s clinical and administrative services and processes against 5 sets of standards. This in-depth process resulted in Accreditation Canada indicating KinVillage had, remarkably, met 100% of the almost 500 criteria.

Additionally, KinVillage achieved the standards for all of Accreditation Canada’s Required Organizational Practices (ROPs). These evidence-based practices addressing high-priority areas that are central to quality and safety include safety culture, communication, medication use, worklife/workforce, infection control and risk assessment.  Organizations must have these practices in place to enhance resident/client safety and minimize risk.  Compliance with each ROP test is a requirement in order to attain exemplary status; KinVillage met them all.

“The achievement of Exemplary Standing is shared by all of our staff and volunteers who work to embed the high quality requirements of Accreditation everyday in the care and services we provide for our residents, clients and their family members” said Donna Ellis, CEO of KinVillage.  “We regularly solicit feedback to continually monitor the quality and safety of our programs and services.   This recognition by Accreditation Canada validates our diligence for providing the highest level of care and support to those we serve and our collective commitment to continuously improve. “

KinVillage Chair Kerry Bentley recognized the dedication of and exceptional contributions made by the organization’s staff and volunteers.  “I commend all staff for the role they played in delivering this outstanding result.  We are proud to provide such high quality service for older adults in the South Delta community.”

In their final report, the surveyors specifically praised:

  • KinVillage’s friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff,
  • the close working relationships with families,
  • its strong community connections and support,
  • the strength of the volunteer program,
  • its clean, welcoming homes that are graced by lovely gardens and courtyards, and
  • the commendable teamwork to meet resident/client goals and needs.

The report  quoted a community partner who, over the years, has had several family members as residents at KinVillage: “When my time comes, I want to live here!”

The Exemplary Standing award is evidence of KinVillage’s commitment to quality and safety in all aspects of its operations – from board and leadership, to care, services and infrastructure.  KinVillage’s approach to Accreditation and quality improvement works.  The time and resources invested in the accreditation journey pay off in terms of better care, safer clients and stronger teamwork.