Pureed Meals – Food For Thought

January 26, 2022

For people living with dysphagia that makes it difficult to eat and drink, there are barriers to enjoying the ritual of eating. In order to make meals a more sociable and palatable experience, food is texture modified and drinks are thickened to help with safe swallowing. Modified texture diets have been long standing traditional ways of providing meal service in care homes often with scoops of sometimes unrecognizable food.  The meal is always nutritionally balanced and safe as food processing has modified the texture to reduce the risk of choking.  Unfortunately, the plate is visually unappealing.

For KinVillage, creating visually appealing meals that taste great for those who require texture modified diets has resulted in shaping and re-forming the textured food into a form the resembles the original food item.  This passion for living life to the fullest is about feeding the whole persons, body and soul. A pureed meal that looks like the actual solid form of the different pieces the dish consists of – food for thought?