Prevention Plan for the COVID-19 Virus Update 1: March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

We would like to share with our residents, clients, families, members, staff and our community, the steps we are taking, in light of the COVID-19 threat, to uphold our commitment to the safety and wellness of the public, the vulnerable people in our care, and our staff and volunteers. The measures we are taking focus on prevention and follow the guidance we regularly receive from the Provincial Health Officer, Fraser Health, BC Housing and the City of Delta. As a licensed care provider and a registered assisted living provider, we are getting direction daily regarding our Care Home and Assisted Living Residence, which are home to our most at risk residents. This is a brief summary to date:


Visitors to the Care Home (West Court) and Assisted Living Residence (South Court)

Effective immediately, visits to the Care Home are restricted to adults and essential visits only (e.g. attending for compassionate reasons such as when a resident is dying or very ill, or visits that support care plans for residents based on resident and family needs); visitors are encouraged to speak with the nurse about this. As an active screening process, all visitors to West or South Courts will be asked by someone at reception the following questions:

  1. Do you have a fever?
  2. Do you have a new or worsening cough?
  3. Do you have new or worsening shortness of breath?
  4. Do you have any respiratory symptoms (e.g. sore throat, runny nose)?
  5. Have you travelled outside of Canada (including the US) in the last 14 days?

Visitors who answer “Yes” to any of these questions are expected to postpone their visit until they have been free of symptoms for 14 days. If postponing is not feasible due to resident-specific circumstances, the visitor must speak with the nurse in charge so that appropriate arrangements (e.g. donning of personal protective equipment) can be made. Visitors who are allowed to visit are requested to abide by the signage and direction from staff including visiting, individually or in very small groups, with residents in their suite and avoiding common areas. Further restrictions on visiting may be required in future, and certainly will be should an outbreak of COVID-19 occur in spite of our best collective efforts. Staff encourage and are able to assist family members who need or wish to avoid in person-visits and need assistance connecting with residents by telephone.


Screening of Staff and Volunteers:

Staff are subject to similar screening questions prior to the start of each shift and are required to follow up with their supervisor if they have travelled outside of Canada.


Supporting “Social Distancing”

The Community Centre is closed to the community until further notice, consistent with the City of Delta’s direction. In our residential buildings, activities involving larger groups e.g. churches, choirs etc. are cancelled. Planned bus outings for residents into the community have also been cancelled. Regular indoor activities for residents will continue individually or in small groups. The Day Program for Older Adults has been temporarily relocated from West Court to the Community Centre.


Enhanced Cleaning and Hygiene

Twice daily enhanced cleaning of frequent/high touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, railings, elevator buttons etc) has been initiated as of March 9 in all four residential buildings. Posters reminding everyone to practice meticulous coughing etiquette and hand hygiene, as well as hand sanitizing stations, are strategically located in all our buildings.


Adequate Staffing & Supplies

We are adequately supplied at present with items needed to protect staff and residents. We have assurances from the Medical Health Office of BC that we will have access to additional supplies through government sources, if required. Staff backup resources and availability are being evaluated on a regular basis.


Information Sources & Communication

Care Home – Resident Families:
If you would like to add your e-mail address to our contact file, please call 604- 943-0155 ext. 221. In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, KinVillage will provide a daily information release via email and via internal postings.

Care Home – Resident Information:
For regular inquiries about resident care, please continue to contact nursing staff. If there is a change in a resident’s health status, the Primary Contact will be notified by the nurse, as per our normal procedure.

Care Home – Issues or Concerns:
Director of Care – Nadine Brown (604-943-0155 ext 226)

Assisted Living
General concerns: Director of Housing – Carol Howard (604-943-4805 ext 401)
Clinical concerns: Assisted Living Nurse (604-943-4805 ext 412)

Day Program for Older Adults
LPN (604-943-0155 ext 237)

General Concerns
Director of Health Services – Cynthia Langenberg (604-943-0155 ext 32)
CEO – Donna Ellis (604-943-0155 ext 223)


Sources of Additional Information:

We recommend the following links for current, accurate updates on the extent of the COVID-19 situation in our province.

BC Ministry Updates:
HealthLink BC: