Prevention and Preparation Plan for the COVID-19 Virus Update: April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

We are sharing regular updates with our residents, clients, families, members, staff and our community about the measures in place at KinVillage in light of the COVID-19 threat.

Happily, we can once again report that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at KinVillage. We are so grateful for the dedication and vigilance of our staff, the cooperation and patience of residents, clients, families, members and volunteers, and the generosity of the community and our colleagues beyond KinVillage. Thank you, everyone, for helping us all to stay safe and well this week.

As thankfully not much has changed over the past 7 days, please refer to last week’s update (April 3rd) for information about what’s happening at KinVillage and for lists of KinVillage contacts and sources of additional information.

Following are a few highlights from the past week:

  • Fraser Health continues to provide us with valuable direction and support on preventionmeasures to be used in West Court (Care Home) and South Court (Assisted LivingResidence). Our regional colleagues have advised us that, in the case of an “outbreak”(which is defined as just a single confirmed case of the illness in a resident or a staffmember), additional resources from the health region will be available to provide us withsupport to manage and minimize the impact of any outbreak. While we all hope we will beable to avoid an outbreak scenario, it is important to be prepared and we feel reassured bythe level of support Fraser Health has confirmed.
  • We continue to have sufficient supplies on hand and to receive new orders to restock.
  • The nice weather encouraged some Assisted Living residents to enjoy outdoor visits “fromafar” with their families. Residents are able to talk with and see loved ones from theirsuite’s balcony or deck, respecting the “no visitor” restriction in the building andmaintaining physical distancing.
  • The nice weather is also increasingly drawing Care Home residents outdoors, to enjoy somesunshine, fresh air and blooms in one of the three enclosed courtyards.
  • Community Centre volunteers have been reaching out by phone to members, checking in tosee how they’re doing and, if helpful, referring them to available resources.
  • Day Program staff continue to regularly phone clients and caregivers to see how they’redoing, let them know we are thinking about and missing them, provide resources andactivity ideas, and offer support and reassurance

Wishing all a safe and Happy Easter!