Considering a New Home

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Congratulations for considering that it might be time to make a move; we know that considering a new home can be hard. Taking time to understand what you want and need is important, because everybody experiences aging differently – at different times, under different circumstance, and with different challenges.

Aging changes our bodies. Perhaps you are experiencing reduced vision or hearing, reduced mental processing capabilities, decreased muscle strength or endurance, or joint pain, stiffness or swelling. As a result of these or other circumstances, your daily life can be impacted. You may have difficulty looking after yourself, your health and your home, moving around easily and without falling, driving safely, preparing meals, socializing, or fiACSealAwESnding safe and affordable accommodation.

Various government programs have been developed to assist in the delivery of support as we age. In addition to Home Care (accessed in South Delta through Fraser Health) and the provincial “Better at Home” program (accessed through Deltassist in Delta), communities such as KinVillage provide housing programs that help make it possible to live fully at all stages of aging.

What Might be Suitable at KinVillage?

Fortunately, KinVillage offers a range of affordable housing options; one of which might be suitable for you.

  • Please consider whether you can live independently and have a low to moderate income. If so, our Independent Living Suites might be right for you.
  • If you are beginning to find it difficult to prepare meals and look after your home, then you may want to consider Seniors’ Supportive Housing.
  • The Assisted Living option is available if you are still feeling independent, but are finding some things difficult – like taking medications on time, getting dressed, bathing or grooming – and/or if you are feeling isolated and lonely.
  • For those who are living with significant physical challenges (for example getting up from bed and to the bathroom) or with advancing dementia, living in our Long-Term Care Home may be right for you.

Rest assured, if you come to live at KinVillage, you’ll have opportunity to be part of a vibrant community that understands and embraces aging. You’ll be encouraged and supported to live as independently and fully as possible. And if your needs change over time, we’ll do our best, together with our colleagues at Fraser Health, to help you stay in our familiar community.