Housing Options

ACSealAwESKinVillage provides 4 housing options for older adults, from fully independent living through to our care home. We support each resident to live as fully as possible, offering hospitality and health services according to the assessed needs of the resident and recreation and wellness programs for all to enjoy. All housing options are provided at an affordable rent, most of which are income-based and made possible by government subsidies to KinVillage from Fraser Health and BC Housing.

There are four residential programs within our “village”. IF a resident’s needs change and he or she would like to remain in the familiar surroundings of KinVillage, it may be possible to move to another program. Such transitions through the continuum of housing are determined by whether there is a suite available, and, for Assisted Living and Long-Term  Care Home, through assessment by a Fraser Health Case Manager.

The 4 Housing Options: