October 1, 2021



Each year, Canadians celebrate the contributions of seniors on October 1st which coincides with the United Nations International Day of Older Persons.

The pandemic has certainly raised awareness of the challenges of aging in today’s world and also shined a spotlight on the opportunities to enhance the lives of older adults.

As we begin to find a new normal, we have an opportunity to not only rethink seniors living environments and age friendly cities, but to reconsider our attitudes toward older persons and the impact of an aging population on society.

Seniors rely on places like the community center at Kin Village.  Reopening requires volunteers who are increasingly being welcomed back to support onsite programs and outreach services that help seniors extend their independence aging at home.  Likewise, volunteers are needed in assisted living and long-term care adding companionship and meaningful socialization helping supplement therapeutic programs and recreational activities.

Connecting in person with older people, members of your family, your neighbors, and other people that you know in the community is vital.  Everyone has a story to tell and listening to theirs is always valued building a friendship bond.

Volunteer with seniors in activities that you are passionate about and have fun whether it’s a walking group, book club, teaching exercise classes, or sharing your arts and crafts expertise.  Older people like new experiences just as much as younger people.

If you have a pet, animal therapy has incredible impacts for older people living in care who desire the simple act of petting a dog or holding a cat.  Likewise, helping seniors access musical set lists is therapeutic often bringing back words and reminiscing about younger years.

This Seniors Day, let’s make a commitment to connect with older persons in our lives, bring joy to their day and give hope for a better tomorrow.