Program Priorities

KinVillage Redevelopment & Expansion Project

With a growing wait list of seniors looking for affordable housing and care in the South Delta community, the KinVillage redevelopment and expansion project aims to tackle this exact issue. In order to better serve our community and extend housing options, health care and wellness services to more older adults and younger people with disabilities, the multi-phase plan will more than double the number of homes provided for, from 310 to almost 800 suites. The amenities throughout will be updated to accommodate the increasing needs of residents and the community, including a larger space for our Day Programs for Older Adults, renovations to the Community Centre, as well as underground parking. The campus master plan is projected to be completed over the next 20 to 25 years, unless it can be fast-tracked to meet the needs of seniors. Construction on the first phase is scheduled to start in the fall of 2022.

COVID-19 Fund

To continuing safely serving residents and clients, seniors who are most at risk from the pandemic, added safety measures (eg PPE, enhanced cleaning, plexiglass shields) are needed. While safety of residents, clients and staff is our priority, supporting well-being is a key element of what we do. Needs include technology (e.g. IPads) to help residents maintain connections with their families and communities, recreation and rehabilitation staff beyond government funded levels to support virtual visits, smaller group physically distanced exercise and activities, and increased assistance to maintain mobility in light of restrictions. And during this unsettling time, regular appreciation (e.g. lunches, treats) help lift the spirits of our dedicated staff whose daily efforts directly impact residents’ and clients’ lives.

Wellness Programs

There is no end of ways KinVillage can use donated funds to support wellness for older adults, in our residences and in our Community Centre. Programs needs supplies, everyone loves music and entertainers, bus outings cost more than some residents can afford, and new technology is opening up a whole new world of new ways to engage seniors, particularly those with cognition challenges. In this area, investments small or large can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Comfort & Care

Government funding is not keeping pace with the increased needs of residents and does not provide resources needed to replace and periodically upgrade existing furnishings and equipment, including technology. Lifts, specialized mattresses and other medical equipment are needed to safely care for care home residents. Kitchen equipment used to prepare meals daily for almost 200 people needs to be replaced. And common areas, such as dining rooms and lounges, and our Community Centre Café need to be appropriately furnished so that residents and visitors feel welcomed and encouraged to gather, so important in our organization that places high value on community.

Community Spaces

KinVillage’s 4 residential buildings and its Community Centre have been serving residents, clients and members for over 40 years. These spaces provide the environments in which residents and visitors gather and experience our programs and services. Government funding does not cover all costs to maintain these buildings and the outdoor spaces so important to residents and visitors. Donated funds have supported creating a sunroom and a family room in our care home, installing ceiling fans in our Community Centre, adding water features and redesigning gardens. When you’ve been around 40 years, there’s always something needs doing!