Delta Foundation Helps Out! Again!

July 31, 2017

KinVillage called on the Delta Foundation and, once again, this June, it supported KinVillage’s work in the community through a grant.  Over the past 5 years, each time that KinVillage asked, the Foundation Board approved its request and generously provided a total of almost $25,000.  KinVillage is grateful for the Foundation’s support through these grants, which it has put to good use:

  • Assisted Living residents are enjoying cool beverages this summer with the recent addition of an ice machine.
  • Many residents in Long-term Residential Care and Assisted Living have benefitted from the Java Cart Music Therapy program.
  • Long-term care residents in West Court are able to enjoy movies and music programs on a large flat screen TV that was installed when their lounge was renovated.
  • Members of the KinVillage Community Centre and other local residents can continue to appreciate the nutritious, delicious and affordable meals, beverages and snacks prepared by Chef Adrian in his kitchen and served at the Buenos Dias Café.
  • Residents, including those who depend on wheelchairs and other mobility devices, can continue to experience outings into the community – everything from leisure drives to places like Rifles Bird Sanctuary and local beaches, lunch outings, and practical trips for shopping or to attend church services. These are both pleasurable and practical – helping to maintain independence and community connections.

As a Registered Charity, KinVillage does gratefully accept donations directly.  And it values the contributions of its volunteers who help raise funds through its annual book sale and grand lottery (not to mention giving generously of their time and talents in so many other ways!).   It also admires and appreciates the opportunities that the Delta Foundation, our local community foundation, provides to community members to generously donate as well as the commitment and stewardship of the Foundation’s volunteer Board of Directors.  KinVillage, on behalf of the seniors it serves, is grateful to be a beneficiary of the Foundation’s efforts and commitment to have a lasting and positive impact on the community of Delta.

Tom Siba (KinVillage member), Donna Ellis (CEO), Carol Howard (Director of Housing), Eleanor Calderwood (Delta Foundation)

Tom Siba (KinVillage member), Donna Ellis (CEO), Carol Howard (Director of Housing), Eleanor Calderwood (Delta Foundation)