South Court/Assisted Living


Per the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health requirements for visitation in long-term care and seniors’ assisted living facilities:

  • Visitors must demonstrate they are fully vaccinated1 to enter South Court (excluding children under 12 years or those with an approved medical exemption)
  • Visitors who are unable to provide proof of being fully vaccinated will not be able to enter South Court including if only to pass through South Court to access an outdoor area.
  • Visitors are asked to perform frequent hand hygiene and must wear a medical mask while entering building, moving through common areas. The mask may be removed once in the resident’s room.
  • During active COVID-19 outbreaks, social visits will be suspended. Visits from essential and single designated visitors will still be able to continue.

1 Full vaccination/immunization for COVID-19 is considered as seven days after receiving the full series of approved COVID-19 vaccine or a combination of approved vaccines.



Essential visit -– is linked with an essential need that could not be met in the absence of the essential visit. eg. visits for compassionate care for a resident who is experiencing a critical illness or who is dying, or visits that are  paramount to the resident’s physical care and mental well-being. If you are considering an essential visit that meets provincial guidelines please contact Carol Howard Director of Housing:  604-943-0155 ext 401 or  After hours please contact the nurse at ext 412.  In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, essential visits are permitted under the guidance and direction from the medical health officer.

Designated Visit – is linked with a single designated visitor as the person who a resident has been supported to identify, who may continue to visit the resident at times when visitation is restricted.

Social visit – is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and to support the emotional well-being of the resident.

  • Visitors are no longer required to schedule a visit in advance
  • The limit on the number of visitors each resident can have has been removed
  • Visits will continue to occur in the resident’s suite or outdoors
  • Social visits will be postponed if there is an active COVID-19 outbreak

Outdoor outings/visits – may occur with family and friends.  Outings must be in compliance with current Public Health orders/guidance on outdoor gatherings for the public (


Essential, Designated and Social Visitors

  • are asked to perform a self-screen for any signs of illness before coming to KinVillage and once at KinVillage will be screened by a staff member.
  • will continue to sign in for contact-tracing purposes, and be screened by a staff member prior to entry. Visitors with signs/symptoms of illness will be asked to visit another time.
  • will need to show proof of immunization status. Proof may be in the form of:

– BC Vaccine Card –

– Immunization Card showing 1st and 2nd dose vaccines

  • are required to wear a medical mask (provided by KinVillage) while moving through the building and in common areas:

– Visitors who are fully immunized may remove their mask once in direct contact with the resident they are visiting, in the resident’s suite or when outdoors.

  • Physical contact – including hugging and holding hands – between visitors and resident may occur.
  • Visitors are asked to comply with safety measures, maintain safe physical distance with other residents and staff and to refrain from circulating/walking around the building including the laundry rooms and common areas where residents may be gathering in small groups, and leaving immediately after the visit.

 Questions and Concerns – Visitor Review and Appeal Process

  • Your request for an essential visit will be carefully reviewed.
  • If your visit request is denied you will be given written reasons within 24 hours and notified of the option and procedure to request a review of the decision. You may request a review by contacting Dan Levitt, CEO After hours please contact 604-943-0155 ext 412 and someone will assist in contacting the administrator on call.
  • If after review by the site administrator, your request is still denied, you may request a formal review through Fraser Health’s Patient Care Quality Office (PCQO) at 1-877-880-8823 or by email at

For more information and answers to your questions on visits please see:

We recommend visitors complete the Family Caregivers of BC and SafeCare BC COVID-19: Social Visitation Essentials Course. It is a self-paced, on-line course intended for those who are visiting in person. To learn more on how to be well prepared for visits during COVID-19 pandemic please visit: Social Visitation Essentials Course



  • If you are experiencing a cough, fever, shortness of breath, other respiratory symptoms, GI symptoms or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please do not visit until fully recovered
  • Weekly deliveries for Assisted Living Residents of essential items (e.g. breakfast and personal care items) are accepted from supermarkets at the main entrance
  • All other deliveries are now completed through family and/or Personal Representative

Other Items

  • Assisted Living residents are able to participate in social and external activities that are aligned with current public health guidance (  When going out, residents should protect themselves by avoiding large gatherings, staying away from people who are ill, maintaining safe physical distance and wearing a non-medical mask when in enclosed spaces and unable to maintain safe physical distance, washing hands or using hand sanitizer frequently, avoiding touching your face, coughing/sneezing into your sleeve and staying home if feeling unwell or if your family member/friend has symptoms.
  • Recreational activities continue and have been modified to support physical distancing. The focus is now on offering more and shorter programs for small to medium sized groups and ensuring all residents continue to have opportunities to participate.  Group bus outings into the community have been cancelled as have all outside entertainers and presenters.
  • As of April 1, 2021 the 14 day isolation requirement has been removed for new residents, for residents returning from acute care and residents going on outings.


  • If you are the primary contact for a resident and have not already provided us with your e-mail address, please email to be added to our contact distribution list. In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak in South Court, KinVillage will provide a regular information release via e-mail.
  • For clinical concerns, please continue to contact the Assisted Living Nurse at 604-943-4805 ext 412. If there is a change in a resident’s health status, the primary contact will be notified by the nurse, as per our normal procedure.
  • For general issues or concerns, please continue to contact Carol Howard, Director of Housing at 604-943-4805 ext 401 or