COVID-19 Update – September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

  • There have been no additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Court, KinVillage’s assisted living residence, since the outbreak was declared on September 3rd.  All residents and staff members are being regularly monitored for symptoms.  The one staff member who tested positive continues to self-isolate at home.  
  • The duration of the COVID-19 outbreak is two full incubation periods, or 28 days, following identification of the most recent positive case.  (Fraser Health adds 14 days to the first 14-day period to ensure the site is COVID-free.)   If there are no more confirmed cases in the days ahead (that is our goal!), we expect the outbreak will be officially declared over on October 1st.   The length of time to conclude an outbreak may be reduced or extended at the direction of the Medical Health Officer.
  • A reminder that social visits to South Court are not allowed during the outbreak.
  • All restrictive measures in place to control the outbreak apply to all residents of South Court, including 69 assisted living and 11 independent tenants.
  • We are very grateful to:
    • our Fraser Health colleagues who have been extremely supportive and an excellent source of guidance and information; 
    • our staff who have rallied together to adapt and do what needs to be done during this stressful time; and
    • residents and their families for their understanding, patience and encouragement.
  • Other residences (West Court/Care Home, North Court and Vidal Court) are NOT affected by the outbreak in South Court.