COVID-19 Update – March 3, 2022

March 3, 2022

West Court –  We are very pleased to report that we have not had any new residents or staff test positive for COVID 19.  The onset of symptoms in the last confirmed COVID-19 case for resident and staff was on Sunday, February 27.  The Medical Health Officer has officially ended our enhanced monitoring, and we will be reinstating our communal dining and group activities today.

This has been a difficult few months for West Court with enhanced monitoring and the impact on residents who lived with restrictions placed upon them to reduce viral spread, the staff members who worked through these challenging safety measures and for families who while essential visitors were permitted, social visits were generally restricted.  We recognize the emotional impact the Omicron variant wave has had on everyone, and we want to acknowledge the tough road we have all been on since the end of 2021.

Today, we reflect back on what we have gone through together and look ahead to brighter days and warmer weather, and hopefully a reduction of the impact of the pandemic on our lives.  We are proud of the KinVillage community, who have been exceptional as care partners during this period! We are thankful for everyone’s understanding, patience and support during this challenging time.  We can’t wait to return to our new normal and welcome visitors back to West Court as we anticipate a wonderful spring and summer ahead!

As we open back up, it remains our priority to continue with standard protocols for COVID-19 prevention including monitoring residents closely for any symptoms, staff screening, physical distancing, as well as other measures such as enhanced cleaning.