COVID-19 Update – January 6, 2022

January 6, 2022

West Court – The rapid rise in cases of the Omicron variant in the community has unfortunately resulted in a resident and some West Court long term care staff testing positive for COVID-19.

Omicron Pandemic Plan

In response, KinVillage is following enhanced public health pandemic planning guidelines when a positive test is confirmed.

  • First step is to determine whether that staff member worked while infectious 2 days before they developed symptoms or 2 days before they tested positive if asymptomatic.
  • If the staff has had no exposure on-site no further follow up required at the site.
  • Positive staff will isolate for minimum 5 days, or until symptoms resolve. Close contacts within the site will be determined, including residents and staff.
  • For resident close contacts who are partially or un-vaccinated, they are to isolate for 10 days and place them on droplet precautions.
  • PCR test all residents the staff member worked with (ideally 3 days after the first day of exposure on the unit).
  • If residents are symptomatic prior to 3 days from exposure, test immediately.
  • PCR test all staff the positive staff member worked with while unmasked i.e. break room (ideally 3 days after the first day of exposure on the unit)
  • Stagger meal times and ensure physical distancing during meals for all residents who are not isolating. Tray service for all isolating residents.
  • Stop all group activities on the affected neighbourhoods.
  • Stop all visitations on the affected unit(s) except for essential visits.
  • Symptom screening of all residents and staff twice per day
  • Routine masking and eye protection of all staff on the affected neighbourhoods.
  • Cohorting staff on the affected neighbourhoods is recommended but not required.
  • If no resident cases are identified with testing, these measures can be stopped 7 days after exposure.


On January 5, Public Health announced changes to the visitor restrictions in long term care to include both essential visitors and social visitors.  This current direction regarding visitation in long term care is similar to what was put in place in the summer of 2020, with the added precautions of vaccination and rapid testing for visitors.  It continues to be a requirement that all visitors be vaccinated, to undergo rapid testing prior to their visit, and to wear a mask during the visit.