COVID-19 Update – January 4, 2022

January 4, 2022

West Court – We have received the results from the COVID-19 tests performed on Friday December 31, 2021 and fortunately all residents were negative. Unfortunately a staff member did test positive and is isolating at home. We continue to monitor all residents and staff for symptoms and test if necessary.

Essential Visits

As per Dr. Bonnie Henry’s announcement on January 4, 2022 only essential visitors will be allowed to visit the care home.

KinVillage will continue to support visitors for essential visits as staff will determine if a visit is essential. Examples of essential visits include, but are not limited to:

  • Visits for compassionate care, including critical illness, palliative care, hospice care, end of life, and medical assistance in dying
  • Visits paramount to the resident’s physical care and mental well-being, including as follows:

-Assistance with feeding, mobility, personal care or communication;

-Assistance by designated representatives for persons with disabilities;

  • Visits for supported decision making;
  • Existing registered volunteers providing the services described above;
  • Visits required to move belonging in/out of a resident’s room;
  • Police, correctional officers and peace officers accompanying a patient/client for security reasons.

Essential visits shall be limited to one visitor per patient/client within West Court at a time (except in the case of palliative/end of life care). An essential visit is not a social visit and essential visits are permitted in West Court in the event of an active COVID-19 outbreak, under guidance and direction from the local medical health officer.

It continues to be a requirement that all visitors be vaccinated, with exceptions for those with medical exemptions or end of life visits.