COVID-19 Update – January 13, 2021

January 14, 2021

The following is an update on two separate COVID-19 Outbreaks as of January 13: one in South Court Building (3rd Floor) and the second at West Court Building (Care Home).

Outbreak #1 – Declared January 3 – South Court Building (3rd Floor):  

  • Point Prevalence Testing (Nasopharyngeal swabs) was completed on Monday January 11 for both residents living on the 3rd floor and staff.   Of all the swabs taken from residents living on the 3rd floor and staff, one result came back positive for a resident.  All other results were negative for COVID-19.There are a total of 4 residents living on 3rd floor who have tested positive for COVID-19, all of whom are receiving the needed care and support.   No staff have tested positive to date.
  • There are no other changes in South Court building at this time. All residents living on 3rd floor must remain in their suites until further notice.  Their meals are being delivered and social visits are suspended at this time.

Outbreak # 2 – Declared January 9 – West Court (Care Home):

  • Since the outbreak was declared on January 9, there have been no cases in residents.   Over 100 staff working at West Court underwent Point Prevalence Testing (nasopharyngeal swabs) over the weekend identifying two more positive cases.   A total of 5 staff have tested positive for COVID-19 and all are isolating at home.   The 5 staff did not have close-direct contact with residents.  Public Health is assessing the situation on a daily basis.
  • Staff continue to closely monitor residents for symptoms and will perform a nasopharyngeal swab if the resident develops symptoms associated with COVID-19.  Additional infection prevention and control measures are in place including all residents are to remain in their rooms.  Meals are being delivered and staff are assisting.  In person, glass-door and window visits are suspended.   Recreation staff are supporting virtual visits.

In both Outbreak Situations we are working closely with Fraser Health including infection prevention and control specialists, Public Health and the Medical Health Officer. Fraser Health is supporting KinVillage with a constant supply of PPE, staff and screening support as well as overall support with their clinical nurse educators.

Staff are working very hard to contain the spread of the virus and focusing on the steps necessary to reduce the risk of further transmission in both buildings.  Their efforts are very much appreciated and acknowledged.

Please remember to be extra vigilant and continue to follow the public health measures to prevent the spread of this very contagious virus and to abide by the Province-wide restrictions found at

Thank you for your understanding, patience and compassion.