COVID-19 Update – February 22, 2022

February 22, 2022

West Court – Since the first positive resident case occurred in the Parkview neighborhood on February 14, a total of 36 residents have tested positive for COVID-19.  Of the 36 cases, 18 remain positive, 17 have recovered, 6 swab test results are pending, and unfortunately 1 resident due to pre-existing medical conditions is receiving end of life care.

Despite our early interventions to contain the virus, the easily transmissible virus has found its way to the other neighborhoods:

  • Parkview Neighborhood (14 residents affected) – currently 2 active cases
  • 1st floor Neighborhood (7 residents affected) – 4 have recovered and 1 result pending
  • 2AB Neighborhood (5 residents affected) – 5 remain active and 1 result pending
  • 2CD Neighborhood (10 residents affected) – 8 remain active, 4 results pending

In addition, a total of 12 staff tested positive with COVID-19.  Six of the staff have returned to work, and the remaining 6 are isolating at home for 5 days.

We remain on enhanced monitoring:

  • Residents and staff are screened twice daily
  • Staff continue to wear masks and safety goggles, perform frequent hand hygiene, and are cohorted where feasible
  • If residents or staff start showing symptoms (typical symptoms have been runny nose, congestion, raspy voice, fatigue), they are tested
  • Residents that test positive for COVID-19 are isolated in their room as much as possible and placed on contact precautions
  • The period of isolation is 5 days unless they continue to have symptoms
  • All residents living in 2CD neighborhood are being isolated as an added precaution
  • Communal dining has stopped and residents are served meals in their room
  • Group activities are stopped. Where possible, one to one activities and virtual connections continue to occur with well residents

At this time, due to the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, only Essential Visitors are permitted in all neighborhoods.