COVID-19 Update – February 14, 2022

February 14, 2022

West Court – Unfortunately we have had two residents test positive for COVID-19 today. One resident lives in the Parkview neighborhood, and the other one on in our Care Home. Both of the residents are isolating in their rooms and their symptoms appear to be mild.

As a result, we will be implementing the following enhanced monitoring measures:

  • Residents showing any symptoms will be isolated, tested, and monitored closely
  • Residents to be screened twice daily for symptoms
  • Staff will be assigned to work in only one neighborhood
  • Staff will be screened for symptoms twice daily during their shift
  • Staff in all areas will once again be wearing masks and googles
  • Enhanced cleaning measures will continue
  • Group activities are on hold
  • Fortunately the vaccinations rate in these two neighborhoods is very high

There are currently no other changes to report at this time. Visitors are still allowed to visit these neighborhoods.

Looking ahead, we are hopeful that as the Omicron case count decreases in the community, the risk of spread at KinVillage will also decrease.  While we continue to follow all public health safety restrictions, it is appreciated the impact this has on you visiting with rapid testing and other precautionary measures that are currently necessary to improve safety for older persons living at KinVillage, staff members and visitors.  With the warmer weather and longer day light hours, we are optimistic about better times for the KinVillage community as spring and summer months are on the horizon.