COVID-19 Update – December 24, 2020

December 24, 2020

We are outbreak-free in all our buildings.

  • South Court: Great news for residents of 1ˢᵗ floor who are now able to come out of isolation
    today-just in time for Christmas! No symptomatic cases. Thank you everyone for your cooperation
    and understanding in getting through this difficult time! We will continue to monitor closely and
    ongoing preventative measures continue (e.g. diligent hand washing, physical distancing,
    appropriate use of personal protective equipment such as masks)
  • Immunization Program: Fantastic News! The Care Home and Assisted Living began the
    COVID-19 mRNA two-step immunization program for direct-care staff this week. The
    immunization clinics are organized by Fraser Health and specific dates are set aside for
    KinVillage staff. Staff are very excited about the opportunity to be immunized and to be able to
    provide an added level of safety to residents. We are anxiously waiting to hear from Fraser Health
    plans to immunize residents. A communiqué will be sent out as soon as we hear anything.