COVID-19 Update – August 5, 2021

August 5, 2021

West Court/Care Home:  Today we learned that unfortunately a staff member in our Parkview neighbourhood recently tested positive for COVID-19.    Fortunately, our vaccination rate in the Care Home is very good for both residents and staff.   Public Health has carefully assessed the situation and has not declared an outbreak at this time.   However, the Parkview neighbourhood, which is home to 18 residents, is now on enhanced monitoring for at least 2 weeks.  We are closely following Public Health’s directions:

  • testing all Parkview residents and staff members who may have been exposed;
  • closely monitoring Parkview residents and staff for any signs/symptoms;
  • requiring all Care Home staff to once again wear masks and goggles;
  • arranging staffing so that employees who work in Parkview don’t work in other areas of the care home, and vice versa; and
  • requiring visitors of Parkview residents to be fully vaccinated and to wear masks at all times while in the care home.


We are very hopeful that the high rates of vaccination of both residents and staff, combined with other infection prevention and control measures in place (e.g. diligent hand washing, screening of visitors and staff, enhanced cleaning) will be effective in reducing potential virus transmission.


Stay safe, be kind and thank you for your continued support.