Community Centre

Considering500x373The KinVillage Community Centre is open to everyone.  Our weekly activities and monthly events are designed for adults 50+. Why? As we go through life, our interests and abilities constantly change. When we’re over 50, we have certain freedoms and experience that can make it a really exciting time.

This is a place for adults to meet, get involved and even create the activities, education, events and environment relevant to them. Many people choose to volunteer at the KinVillage Community Centre as a means to help out, socialize and coordinate the activities for which they have interest. Either way, KinVillage Photos Sept 8th (23)smit’s a great opportunity to be active and learn new things.

We encourage you to visit and see what might be of interest here – from dance to snooker – there is something for everyone. Come for lunch, coffee or a snack in the reasonably priced Buenos Dias Cafe or shop for quality, affordable gently-used clothing at our Unique Boutique.

Please note that although the KinVillage Community Centre is no longer home to ElderCollege Delta Society , ECDS continues to provides opportunities to advance education by providing structured learning activities such as courses, instructional seminars and workshops to seniors. We encourage you to find out more at