2020 Annual General Meeting

KinVillage Association held its Annual General Meeting on September 1, 2020 to conduct Association business as required under the Societies Act.

One new Board Director, Julie Berks, was welcomed to the Board. A big thank you was given to our departing Board Director, Laurie Collicutt, for her many contributions to the Board.

Board Chair, Dennis DesLauriers and CEO, Donna Ellis, reported on the the highlights of the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

If you are interested in reading the Annual Reports please download the PDF documents below.


2019 Annual General Meeting

On September 10, 2019, KinVillage Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Community Centre.

Board of Director President, Dennis DesLauriers and Donna Ellis, CEO, presented highlights of the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

If you are interested in reading the reports presented, please download the PDF documents below.

Thank you for all those in attendance. We hope to see you soon.

Dennis DesLauriers, Board President and KinVillage CEO, Donna Ellis

Click the link below to download the CEO Report for 2019:


Click the link below to download the Board President Report for 2019:



KinVillage’s plans for gradually redeveloping its site recently took two more giant steps forward.

Back in January 2017, KinVillage’s Board of Directors approved its ambitious Master Plan to guide redevelopment of KinVillage’s site and buildings over the next 20+ years.  Since KinVillage is serving the South Delta community in buildings approaching 40 years old, and the needs of older adults in our community have and will continue to change, we need to be proactive in preparing for the future.  The Master Plan was a big step towards this.  Recently, there have been two more.

On November 9, 2018, we were thrilled to receive word from BC Housing that our application to build more affordable housing under its Building BC Community Housing Fund was approved. Our application was to create a new apartment building, with 160 suites, on the parking lot between North and Vidal Courts.  The next step of our planning process, which is now underway, includes assessing and fine-tuning our initial proposal.  Suites in the new building will be occupied by older adults, or younger people with disabilities, who live on low to moderate incomes and are able to live independently.  Our current timeline for construction to begin is fall 2020, with building occupancy by fall 2022.

On January 29th this year, following a thorough municipal process that included two public forums, Delta City Council approved KinVillage’s application to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP).  The new OCP provides the framework critical for KinVillage to continue providing affordable homes and a range of health and wellness services for a growing number of older adults.  The new OCP allows for increased density and building height.  As a result, over the next 20 years, KinVillage expects to more than double the number of older adults and younger people with disabilities living here.  KinVillage currently provides 310 suites, with almost two-thirds of these offering a range of health services; the OCP allows for a total of almost 800 suites.  We also hope to expand our Day Program for Older Adults and consider providing other “ancillary” services on site that would be valued by KinVillage residents and potentially by residents of the broader community.  Our future includes underground parking and continued connections through our site to the neighbouring Winskill Park.

While our immediate focus is on Phase 1, the North Court Redevelopment project, we will continue to engage with our partners, such as Fraser Health and the City, to identify, advocate and plan for subsequent phases towards realizing the long-term vision presented in the Master Plan.

Minister of Seniors, Minister Filomena Tassi and Minister Carla Qualtrough tour KinVillage

KinVillage was honoured to welcome Minister Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors and Minister Carla Qualtrough, MP for Delta, for a tour of KinVillage on February 12, 2019. The Ministers had the opportunity to learn about KinVillage’s upcoming redevelopment and plans for the future. As the Ministers’ toured KinVillage, several of our residents and volunteers had the chance to visit with our special guests and chat about their experience at KinVillage.


L to R, Back Row – Ron Dumouchelle, Sharon Farrish, Vicki Huntington, Donna Ellis, Kerry Bentley, Lois Wilkinson, Jordan Kinghorn.

L To R, Front Row – Dennis DesLauriers, Karla Rockwell, Peter Dandyk

On September 25th, 2018 the KinVillage Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Community Centre.

Three new Directors – Karla Rockwell, Lois Wilkinson and Ron Dumouchelle – were appointed and welcomed to the Board.  We also extended a big thank you for their contributions to departing Board members.

Board Chair Dennis DesLauriers and CEO Donna Ellis reported on highlights of the 2017/18 fiscal year. Should you wish to read the full presentations shared with Association members at the AGM they are available to download below.

Click the link below to download the CEO report for 2018

CEO Report 2018

Click the link below to download the Board Chair report for 2018

Board Chair Report 2018

2017 Annual General Meeting

L to R –  Back Row: Kerry Bentley, Vicki Huntington, Dennis DesLauriers (Chair), Peter Dandyk, Rick Lewall, Laurie Collicutt, Jordan Kinghorn
L to R – Front Row:  Linda Thomas, Donna Ellis (CEO), Sharon Farrish (Vice-Chair)      Absent:  Lillian Alexus

On  September 12th,  KinVillage Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Community Centre.

Board of Directors, Dennis DesLauriers, and CEO Donna Ellis reported on highlights of the 2017/18 fiscal year.

We would like to welcome the 3 new board members joining us this year: Laurie Collicutt, Vicki Huntington, and Linda Thomas.
We thank Roger Everett, Lisa Burt-Paxton, and Randy May for their contributions to the board.

If you are interested in reading the reports presented, please download the PDF documents below.

Thank you to those that were in attendance. We hope to see you soon.

Click the link below to download the CEO Report for 2017:
2017 CEO Report

Click the link below to download the Board Chair Report for 2016:
2017 Board Chair Report

KinVillage’s Future Takes Shape

You may recall that in November KinVillage hosted some information sessions to share initial thoughts on how KinVillage’s site may evolve in the years ahead.

A total of 84 people participated – 17 from the general public, 16 KinVillage residents, 10 staff, and 41 volunteers and/or members.

Feedback received was mostly positive. The main themes identified include:
• Support for the Master Plan, and expanded height and density, provided it remains a place for non-market seniors’ housing.
• A need for an on-site gathering space for both the public and residents.
• The need to accommodate all future parking needs.
• Retaining and expanding green space.

As a result of this feedback, the draft Master Plan shared at the information sessions was slightly revised. On January 24th, KinVillage’s Board of Directors approved the final Master Plan.

Being responsive to changing community needs and replacing aging buildings is a long and complex journey for KinVillage.

Redevelopment of the KinVillage site is anticipated to take 20 years plus, with the first phase of construction (on the North Court lot) commencing at earliest in 2020. Actual timing will be highly dependent on government support. In order for KinVillage to be successful in securing such support, it’s essential that we have a viable plan ready.

We now have a Master Plan – we’ve taken the first critical step!


KinVillage Board Director Honoured as Delta’s Citizen of the Year

Rick Lewall

Rick Lewall, KinVillage Board Director, was presented on November 25th with the 2016 Citizen of the Year Award at the Delta Chamber of Commerce Hats Off to Excellence Gala.

Rick was first elected to KinVillage’s Board in September 2012 and was reappointed in September 2015 for a second term.   His family’s personal experiences with long-term residential care gave him the impetus to volunteer on the KinVillage Board.   He was aware of KinVillage’s reputation for excellence in care and wanted to be an active part in continuing this legacy begun almost 40 years ago in Tsawwassen.   Rick’s passion for making a difference in his community, as evidenced by his wide-ranging and significant volunteer contributions to a variety of organizations, made him an ideal candidate for the Board.

Rick currently serves as Chair of the Board’s Nominations Committee and as a member of the Redevelopment Committee.  In the former, he promotes the effective governance of KinVillage by recruiting strong candidates to the Board and assisting with the orientation of all Directors.  In the latter, he provides input about how the KinVillage site and programs will evolve over time to continue meeting the community’s changing needs.  Aside from his more formal roles on the Board, Rick always welcomes opportunities to meet and hear directly from residents, clients, members, staff and volunteers at various events.

We’re grateful for Rick’s experience, commitment and many contributions to the KinVillage community and congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition.  Well done Rick!

The Citizen of the Year Award is presented annually by the Delta Chamber of Commerce to someone who has shown extraordinary leadership, dedication to and service commitment within Delta, has made a positive and recognizable impact in Delta, and is a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for others.  For further information about the award, please go to http://www.deltachamber.ca/


Information Open House – KinVillage’s Master Plan



KinVillage is embarking on a Master Planning process to help guide the long-term future for our site.

Our goal is to develop an understanding of how we can best continue to serve our existing residents and clients while responding to changing community needs.

KinVillage has been serving South Delta for over 35 years and we need to think about the future so we will be positioned to, over the next 20 years or so, replace aging buildings and ensure we have the resources to do so.

Interested individuals are invited to join the conversation about the future of our site.  In addition to sessions for our internal stakeholders (KinVillage residents and families, clients, members, staff and volunteers), a Public Information Open House is being held at the KinVillage Community Centre on:

November 24, 2016 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm

There have been no submissions made to the Corporation of Delta; this is simply an opportunity to come and talk about some initial ideas.

Individuals from KinVillage and their consultants will be there to answer any questions and receive feedback.   As further changes are contemplated to the KinVillage site, there will be additional opportunities to provide feedback.


KinVillage 2016 Annual General Meeting

group-01bodL to R –  Back Row: Sharon Farrish (Vice-Chair), Roger Everett,Kerry Bentley, Rick Lewall, Randy May, Jordan Kinghorn, Lillian AlexusL to R – Front Row:  Dennis DesLauriers (Chair), Donna Ellis (CEO), Peter Dandyk  Absent:  Lisa Burt-Paxton

On  September 13th,  KinVillage  Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Community Centre.

Board of Directors, Kerry Bentley, and CEO Donna Ellis reported on highlights of the 2016/17 fiscal year.

The same volunteers will continue to serve for another year on the Board of Directors.  Dennis DesLauriers  was  appointed by the Board as its new Chair (replacing Kerry Bentley in that role)  and Sharon Farrish was elected as Vice-Chair.

If you are interested in reading the reports presented, please download the PDF documents below.

Thank you to those that were in attendance. We hope to see you soon.

Click the link below to download the CEO Report for 2016:
2016 CEO Report

Click the link below to download the Board Chair Report for 2016:
2016 Board Chair Report

KinVillage’s Assisted Living housing provides a secure and caring environment. Its services make it possible to live a very high quality of life with inclusions of health and wellness support.

Hospitality services include two meals a day, ½ HR housekeeping and flat linens and towels laundered.

Care services include daytime Nurse onsite, night time Care Aid, a 24-hour response for health care needs, medication and health care assistance. Personal care services are also available to assist residents with daily living tasks.

Recreational services include a dedicated program run by a Recreation Coordinator onsite. Various daily scheduled activities are coordinated for anyone who wishes to participate.

Check out this month's schedule

Overview of Services

The assisted living apartments at KinVillage provide seniors with a level of service and support that provides security and autonomy. Here is an overview of what is included:


  • Two meals per day are provided in the dining room located on the first floor. Serving times allow for reasonable flexibility and snacks and beverages are available. Breakfast is available for an additional $2.00.
  • A variety of food choices are offered in order to accommodate preference. Diets with special needs are also provided. Staff will have access to consultation with professionals who can provide advice on the therapeutic diet requirements of individual tenants.
  • Tenants experiencing episodic illness or injury may have meals delivered to their room for a limited time.


  • Sheets and towels are laundered once per week. If residents are unable to do their personal laundry using the laundry rooms on each floor, and additional laundry service is available for a fee.


  • Approx. ½ hour of suite cleaning and bed making once per week at an allotted time.


  • Medication administration and reminders
  • Treatments as necessary
  • 24-hour care staff on-site
  • 24-hour emergency response service with LifeLine (pendant and wall unit in suite)


  • Skin care, nail care and hair care are all available at additional costs. Residents must book appointments to see the Foot care nurse, hair dresser and dermatologist.


It’s easy to stay connected and active at KinVillage. Our “village” includes a senior’s community centre right next door which is also open to all adults in the area! Assisted Living Residents have the best of two words, with access to senior-focused programming through their own program (classes, fitness, dances, billiards, games, outings etc.), they also have access to those offered at the community centre such as events (movies, dances, book sale etc.), the Unique Boutique (gently used clothing store) and the Urban Cafe (well-priced coffee/tea, meals and snacks).

Buildings and Suite Information

There are 4 residential buildings and a senior’s community centre on the KinVillage site. All buildings are close walking distance to one another and quite close to most amenities. Many people walk to do grocery shopping or to health appointments while others make use of the KinVillage shuttle.

View area map

South Court is home to all Assisted Living residents – and it really feels like home. With 68 suites (ranging from 430 sq. ft to 550 sq. ft.), these private, lockable apartments with balconies or patios provide a comfortable, homey environment. Larger suites are available for couples.

This is an extremely friendly place where friendships flourish, interests grow and people enjoy life. All apartments are self-contained unfurnished one bedroom suites with safe bathroom features, a full kitchen, living/dining area and a balcony or patio. LifeLine provides help and security with a wearable pendant and wall mounted call unit.

Buildings are non-smoking with designated external areas. While we welcome visits from pets, they are not permitted to live in the suites.

Apply for Housing at KinVillage

To access this government funded housing + health + wellness living option, you must contact the Fraser Health Authority at: