Facelift for Snooker Tables at KinVillage Community Center

We are excited to receive a $1,000 donation from the Ladner Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club for the Snooker Club at KinVillage Community Center.

The funds will be used to make repairs on two existing snooker tables, and for other program needs. Thank you Kinsmen of South Delta for your support and generosity!

To learn more about the various programs and events taking place at the KinVillage Community Center, please visit https://kinvillage.org/community-centre/

Aged Care Heroes

Pureed Meals – Food For Thought

For people living with dysphagia that makes it difficult to eat and drink, there are barriers to enjoying the ritual of eating. In order to make meals a more sociable and palatable experience, food is texture modified and drinks are thickened to help with safe swallowing. Modified texture diets have been long standing traditional ways of providing meal service in care homes often with scoops of sometimes unrecognizable food.  The meal is always nutritionally balanced and safe as food processing has modified the texture to reduce the risk of choking.  Unfortunately, the plate is visually unappealing.

For KinVillage, creating visually appealing meals that taste great for those who require texture modified diets has resulted in shaping and re-forming the textured food into a form the resembles the original food item.  This passion for living life to the fullest is about feeding the whole persons, body and soul. A pureed meal that looks like the actual solid form of the different pieces the dish consists of – food for thought?


At KinVillage, we encourage musical therapy as it helps promote healing and brain development, whether it’s by active involvement playing a musical instrument or singing along. Therapeutic relationships of trust and affection working together with music animates us, gives words to those who otherwise cannot speak, and calms and organizes people whose memories have failed them. From Metallica to Mozart, music is irresistible, unforgettable, emotional and for older people in long-term care, essential to living life to the fullest.



Over the years, The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #289 in Tsawwassen has generously provided KinVillage with donations to purchase items for our Care Home, enhancing the quality of care and life for residents.  We truly appreciate the Legion’s support as we continue to respond to the increasing needs of our residents and aging facilities.

This year, our priority is to widen the doorway to a bathing room.  The current door width is less than the standard 36 inches that allows access for residents using wider wheelchairs.  A widened doorway on the first floor room will benefit residents in larger wheelchairs who will no longer need to be transported as far, and to another floor, to be bathed.   This indirectly benefits other residents as well as the bathing rooms on both floors can be more effectively utilized.

Our sincere thanks to the Members of Branch 289 for their generous $3,500 donation, enabling us to make this improvement for residents.


In partnership with BC Care Providers Association and EngAge BC, KinVillage Association hosted a butterfly release together with 24 care homes across the province on the afternoon of July 30.

A number of residents from KinVillage took part in releasing the painted lady butterflies out into the world on this beautiful, sunny day. This was an emotional and meaningful event that was coordinated to honor the memory of those we have lost to COVID-19, while also acknowledging those who have survived.

The event wrapped up on a more lighthearted note with the residents enjoying some iced tea and butterfly shaped cookies.

More information on the event can be found at: https://bccare.ca/2021/07/province-wide-butterly-release-event-to-honour-memory-of-covid-19-victims/

Sitting Pretty in West Court Care Home Courtesy of the Royal Canadian Legion #289

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #289, Tsawwassen just prior to the beginning of the pandemic, thoughtfully donated $3,000 to KinVillage so we could purchase two comfortable, cushioned benches to provide a comfortable place to sit for our residents in the care home.

The front lobby of our care home has become a hub of socially distanced activity such as visiting with friends, listening to music and socializing – special thanks to our visitor hosts who provide personal one-on-one care such as manicures – which the men have also been enjoying!

The Legion’s gift enhances the care home’s furnishings and provides comfortable resting areas for our care home residents and also in time, families and visitors.

Thank you so much to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #289, Tsawwassen and it’s members for its vital and consistent support in helping us deliver services to older adults in South Delta for 40 years.

Staying Cozy This Winter Thanks to the Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Members of the Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club for the Club’s kind donation of $1,000 to KinVillage’s West Court Care Home.

As we have done in recent years, we have once again used the Lions’ gift to enhance the furnishings in our care home. We recently purchased a new electric fireplace for the corner lounge on the 2nd floor. This is an area enjoyed by residents and the fireplace contributes to making it a more warm and welcoming space.

Our new fireplace looked terrific decked out for Halloween and we are looking forward to makIng this area the centrepiece of our Christmas decor!

KinVillage Community Centre’s Annual Book Sale

It’s that time of year again!!! KinVillage Community Centre’s Annual Book Sale is coming soon! We appreciate your donations in support of this super popular, annual event. 

A warm welcome to the new Seniors Community Connector for South Delta

We are delighted to let you know that Genevieve Smith has joined KinVillage on as the new Seniors Community Connector for South Delta.

Genevieve will be reaching out to identify older adults at risk of frailty and developing with each, a wellness plan that connects them to community-based seniors’ support services and programs. Thanks to the support of the United Way, this position is coming to our community, and we are  not only pleased to host it, we know this will be a great project and benefit so many!

Genevieve is a South Delta resident and brings years of experience working with seniors in different capacities at Seniors First BC.