Care Home Brighter Because of Caring Staff

January 4, 2017

We hear often from West Court residents and their families about how wonderful our staff is.  We agree!   While they are here to support and provide compassionate care for residents every day, recently one member of our team created a unique opportunity to contribute in a particularly festive way.

This past fall, Lindsey Vukicevic submitted an essay to a BC Lottery Corporation promotional contest.  In it, she described how, if she won $1000, she would spend it in a day.  Her plan?  To purchase decorations and items that residents of the KinVillage Care Home would enjoy from the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Store.  So on November 26th, Lindsey went shopping and made a much appreciated delivery to KinVillage.

So why did Lindsey want to extend this kindness to the residents at KinVillage?  Well, she works here and she is passionate about the people living here and the quality of their lives.   In 2014, after caring for her dying mother and interacting with the nurses who came to their home regularly, Lindsey decided to leave her national sales management position and head on to a different path.  She trained as a Health Care Aide and has subsequently gone on to pursue nurses training.  In the fall of 2014, Lindsey joined KinVillage, a place familiar to her from the days when she used to visit her grandmother living here.

While most people understand that our staff care for our residents, we don’t acknowledge as frequently that our residents also care for our staff.  After Lindsey lost her mother, she says that the seniors helped her get over the loss.  She considers the residents here her family. Which is why she was so keen to do something special for them.  And she did.  KinVillage’s Care Home has a reputation as a warm and caring place.  This Christmas season it’s a little warmer thanks to the festive decorations, music and movies Lindsey brought, and to her kind and generous spirit.

To see more about Lindsey’s adventure at the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Store, which benefits the Delta Hospital, click the video below or go to the Daily Grand website at