Valuing & Investing in Seniors

KinVillage seeks to raise $5.0 million to support its master plan that will update, replace and expand its facilities and programs for South Delta’s seniors.

  • $2.5 million will support its initial phase of redevelopment, primarily to enable KinVillage to significantly improve and expand its Day Program for Older Adults that serves community-dwelling seniors and their caregivers. Some funds may also be used in the new affordable apartment building to enhance gathering spaces, so vital in battling loneliness by offering places for elderly residents to easily connect with their neighbours.
  • $1.5 million will help preserve and enhance the existing environments for Care Home residents and Community Centre users. KinVillage’s Community Centre is heavily used for seniors programs and services, and by other community-based organizations in South Delta. These two buildings are KinVillage’s oldest and have served the community since 1980.
  • A minimum of $1.0 million is needed to support the development of a new long-term care home to help meet the increasing and growing health needs of seniors in our community.

“We have used the Day Program for Older Adults a couple of years now and see it as an integral part of our community and an indispensable part of the health program for our family.”

– Melissa & Hudson Andrews, Client and Family Member


KinVillage has always counted on the support of the South Delta community. Each year, over 250 volunteers generously offer their time and talents. We see how giving back enriches not only the lives of those served, but also the lives of those who give. Many of these volunteers are people who also call KinVillage their home. By welcoming this involvement, KinVillage is helping to nurture a caring community in which people look out for each other and lend a hand when they can.

KinVillage is more than a service provider with highly trained and committed staff and a reputation for delivering high quality programs and services. As one of the largest employers in South Delta/Tsawwassen, KinVillage has a significant social and economic impact on folks living in the area. It is also a vibrant, caring community that values its relationships with all residents and clients, families, visitors, and volunteers through friendship and mutual respect.

As KinVillage is looking to the South Delta community for $5.0 million, this support will give more seniors and younger adults with disabilities, a place to call home. It will contribute significantly to ensuring appropriate places and programs exist in South Delta that meet health needs and support wellness of adults as they age, including welcoming places to gather, in which loneliness lessens and friendships flourish. This support from the community will also enable the completion of a much larger investment by government in our community’s older adults.

Valuing and caring about seniors is the right thing for South Delta, and for KinVillage.

“KinVillage is community, a Home away from Home. Its welcoming culture encourages and supports everyone who comes here, whether it is to work, live, participate, interact or engage. The different areas and many services have something to offer to all.”

– Bettina Salini, Director of Wellness, KinVillage