Seniors – Growing in Number & Needs

Although KinVillage is known for its innovative programs and services, many of its current spaces are no longer optimal for today’s and tomorrow’s seniors. As the number of seniors grows and people live longer, the demand for more assistance is rising dramatically. KinVillage has a comprehensive master plan to rebuild on its site, located in the heart of Tsawwassen, to significantly increase its capacity to serve the entire range of seniors’ housing needs (independent and supportive housing, assisted living, and long-term care) and programs for seniors in the community.

Quality healthcare for seniors is a critical matter throughout British Columbia and across Canada. Nearly one-third of all Canadians are defined as seniors, with over 40% of the residents in South Delta in this growing demographic. The pandemic has highlighted the extreme consequences of failing to care for vulnerable populations, including seniors; healthcare must grow and adapt to ensure it can support everyone.

“Words cannot express how truly grateful we are of the care and consideration given to our family members.”

– Marilee Rajchman, Family Member


While government funding supports basic operations, KinVillage understands the need in South Delta to offer more and better spaces and programs for South Delta’s older adults. To respond to the increasing demand and maintain the excellence of its programs, KinVillage requires additional investment to build on and expand its current facilities.

New facilities and equipment will help KinVillage to continue providing high quality care and services. To support healthy aging, KinVillage needs to enhance its wellness programs, including the use of interactive technologies. Relying only on government funding simply does not keep up with the challenges to improve what KinVillage is able to offer in South Delta.

KinVillage is currently designing the North Court redevelopment, a 152-suite building, as the first phase of its master plan. It will significantly increase the level of affordable housing that KinVillage provides and begin addressing the growing waiting list of those who want to live here.

When the master plan is completed over the next 20 to 25 years, KinVillage will more than double the number of homes provided for older adults and younger people with disabilities, from 310 to almost 800 suites.

The North Court redevelopment also presents KinVillage with the immediate opportunity to move and expand its popular and over-subscribed Day Program for Older Adults.

“KinVillage has done an outstanding job managing this pandemic. Other care homes across this country could learn a lot from you…from the room you constructed for indoor visits to the little details like having resident’s Christmas presents in the room to open with their loved ones. You truly care for your residents!”

– Marilyn Murray, Family Member