A Caring Community for Seniors Campaign

Valuing Our Seniors

Communities that value seniors are richer for it. Their past and current contributions are reflected everywhere in South Delta and impact all of us, collectively and personally. They help make South Delta a unique and special place to live.

“There is a jewel in our community, by the name of Kin Village. Seniors of all abilities and needs are well cared for and treated with dignity. The peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are close by and so well taken care of is priceless.”

– Lee Maxwell, Family Member


The experience of becoming and growing as a senior is different for each person. At KinVillage, we embrace aging – the positives and the challenges. Those who founded KinVillage, and those who continue to carry on its legacy today, understand what supports healthy aging and fulfilling lives as we get older – safe environments and a place to live when affordability is an issue, relationships, and a strong sense of belonging, continued purpose and moments of joy and, if health challenges emerge, compassionate and skilled care.

We know seniors matter to every family. The programs we offer in Tsawwassen help keep loved ones nearby and honor the role of seniors in our community. It is vital to continue investing in our seniors today and for the future well-being of our community.

“Thirty plus years of volunteering at KinVillage Community Centre have given me priceless opportunities to ‘grow’ – both socially and artistically. The many happy hours shared with others are a treasured part of my life.”

– Shari Boyce, Volunteer & Community Centre Member