Julie Berks

Jordan Beard

Ron has a demonstrated empathy for the care and quality of life for patients and seniors.  His varied careers and volunteer experiences in health care and social services will assist KinVillage in delivering the best of services to our community. 



Lois Wilkinson

Lois is fully invested in working to improve the lives of both “able” and “less-able” seniors     and to provide opportunities for improving quality of life for all seniors. She views KinVillage playing a key role and making a difference in many, many lives.


Karla Rockwell

As a seasoned Human Resources, Recruitment and Organizational Development Leader, with a demonstrated commitment to contribute in her community, Karla welcomes the opportunity to serve as a Director at KinVillage.  She values its Mission and the people who live it daily.

Linda Thomas

Vicki Huntington

Jordan Kinghorn

Sharon Farrish

Dennis DesLauriers

Peter Dandyk