KinVillage-July11-2015-078smThe KinVillage “village within a village” is a unique, thriving environment because it is connected with our broader community at many levels. With support from partners within this community, we are able to improve the lives of older adults connected with our “village”. In fact, the residents and clients of KinVillage benefit from the contributions of volunteers, local service groups and church communities, donors and our service partners.  On behalf of the residents, clients, members and staff of KinVillage, we wish to convey our appreciation for all our partners – members of our family.

Volunteers and Community Groups

KinVillage-July11-2015-065smLocal Service groups have helped consistently over the years – they’ve literally built our foundation – having initiated the original Kinsmen Retirement Centre! Since then, the Kinsmen, along with the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, the Royal Canadian Legion, TOOBs and others have worked with KinVillage to financially and physically “raise a village”.  The members of these clubs have dedicated countless hours to KinVillage over the years; from gardening to construction projects, to donations and fundraising events.

KinVillage has its own dedicated volunteer group – over 200 strong! These talented men and women are involved in a wide variety of functions – from serving on the volunteer Board of Directors, program coordination at the Community Centre to visiting with residents – the list, literally, goes on and on. Some work alone, some work as part of teams, and some reach out from their own communities, such as local churches or schools, to initiate or take on activities that benefit those who KinVillage serves.  These volunteers all offer their time, talents and hearts. Many of them feel that KinVillage is a second home. Perhaps it is why so many people comment on how friendly and “homey” it is here.

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Although KinVillage receives significant funding from various levels of government, the financial generosity of others makes it KinVillage-July11-2015-015smpossible for us to provide surroundings and programs that enhance the quality of life for those who live and “play” here.  Sometimes we benefit from the kindness of community members who have donated through the Delta Community Foundation.  Most often, we receive donations directly, in memory of someone special or for something special and sometimes a friend of KinVillage remembers us by leaving a bequest in their will. We know these gifts reflect the donors’ appreciation for KinVillage’s role and services and we are grateful for this acknowledgement and support of our mission.

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Service Partners

Kin_village-81We work diligently with our government partners that support us with finances and expertise in the delivery of valuable programs locally in South Delta.  These include the Fraser Health, the BC Housing Commission, the Corporation of Delta and the BC Gaming Commission.  In addition, our staff work very closely with members of the Fraser Health team to facilitate appropriate, timely and smooth transitions to and from our health care services as well as to consult with health service experts when needed to benefit our residents and clients.

We are pleased to have partnered for over 10 years with Marquise Hospitality (Compass Group Canada) and are grateful to its management and staff for their daily provision of quality hospitality services for our residents and clients – including food and dining services, housekeeping and laundry. We are also pleased to partner with ProVita Care Management whose staff supports the independence and satisfaction of residents of our Assisted Living program. We value our relationship with Buenos Dias Café, which provides affordable, tasty dining and treats in our Community Centre’s Café.

KinVillage’s successful delivery of health services depends on working together with a number of community-based health service providers.  Depending on the program, this may include general practice physicians (GPs), specialty physicians (e.g. Psychiatrists), pharmacists, therapists, foot care nurses, dentists and optometrists.  In addition, we take advantage of opportunities to partner with local or provincial agencies which have interests complementary to our own – for example Deltassist, the South Delta Meals on Wheels Society, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Parkinson’s Society or the Delta Photo Club – where working together can help fulfill both of our respective missions.