Board of Directors

Committed to Accountability

KinVillage Association has an elected volunteer Board of Directors to provide Policy Governance. This devoted group monitors progress towards the Society’s Strategic Goals and Objectives.

The annual operational budget is approved by the Board of Directors each April based on the operational plan developed by the Leadership Team. Additionally, each June, they review comprehensive reports from the CEO and the Leadership team to ensure alignment with the strategic goals and objectives. An Annual Report is then developed and presented to Society members at the Annual General Meeting in September and shared internally with residents, family members, clients and staff.


Jordan Beard

Jordan is a healthcare specialist in the public and private sectors. He uses both clinical and business best practices to drive complex business development initiatives, promote sound fiscal management and optimize outcomes.  Jordan welcomes the opportunity to contribute his skills to a valued non-profit in his local community.

Julie Berks

As a longtime resident of Tsawwassen, Julie is keenly aware of the necessary and caring service provided to our community by KinVillage and is grateful for the opportunity to provide her support.  She hopes her organizational and management skills will contribute to the Board’s future goals.

Stuart Cameron

With over 40 years of experience in the legal field, Stuart looks forward to contributing to KinVillage by relying on his legal background and expertise to assist the Board in its decision making.

Peter Dandyk

Peter is a big picture thinker with insights based on experience, geographic context and enthusiasm. He has a keen interest in creating and enhancing Residential and Care options for seniors and offers an innovative and soundly technical insight in these matters.

Dennis DesLauriers

Dennis, Board President, considers it a pleasure and privilege to have lived, worked and to have raised his children in South Delta. The opportunity to continue to contribute as a KinVillage volunteer in this terrific community is a challenge that he is really happy to accept.

Sharon Farrish

Sharon has a passion and keen interest in ensuring quality community services are available to people facing life challenges, from early years through to later stages in life. Utilizing her vast experience in non-profit governance, she looks forward to contributing to the growth and future development of KinVillage

Steve Knoblauch

Steve is a construction and business professional who is excited about the opportunity to use his skillset and knowledge to give back to the community by assisting the team at KinVillage with their future goals and planning of the master campus redevelopment project.

Noel Philippot

Noel is a firm believer that a vibrant and active community must include those at every stage of life, and is keen to bring his expertise in finance and passion for health and wellness to help KinVillage deliver service excellence to the residents of South Delta.

Linda Thomas

Linda has extensive health sector experience in the delivery of supported housing, residential care and assisted living. She looks forward to the opportunity to contributing  to the future planning for KinVillage services and programs.

Jennifer Wheeler

Jennifer is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others, and is looking forward to volunteering within the community with a focus on senior support and aging. She hopes to contribute to the ongoing development of KinVillage, and the remarkable programs that will improve the quality of life for all seniors.

Lois Wilkinson

Lois is fully invested in working to improve the lives of both “able” and “less-able” seniors   and to provide opportunities for improving quality of life for all seniors. She views KinVillage playing a key role and making a difference in many, many lives.

Wendy Worrall

Wendy is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to her community with her knowledge and experience in real estate, property development and project management by supporting KinVillage as an inclusive place for seniors to live and thrive in.