Our Approach to Service

The Core of What We Do


Our mission, vision and values are at the heart of our approach to service. These are not just words to us. They define who we are and what we strive to do every day. Our commitment to this approach propels us to transform with the changing needs of our community.

KinVillage was conceived by local citizens wanting to provide a safe, supportive environment for older adults to live, thrive and belong. While we’ve grown since the original model, we continue as a community-based non-profit society; supported by multiple levels of government; enriched by the lives of those we serve; buoyed by talents and generosity of hundreds of volunteers; and staffed by a team that is dedicated to making KinVillage a caring, vibrant community.

Our Mission

KinVillage supports older adults to live their lives fully. It provides a continuum of health, housing and recreational programs while nurturing a sense of community.

Our Vision

KinVillage will be a caring community where older adults experience exceptional service and in which every person feels they matter every day.

Our ValuesKV7

COMMUNITY : We cultivate a welcoming and trusting community that inspires involvement and supports relationships.

GROWTH : We promote learning and continuous improvement and recognize potential.

QUALITY OF CARE : We embrace excellent person-centred care.

QUALITY OF LIFE : We foster a safe, abundant and diverse environment.

RESPECT : We treat everyone with dignity, understanding and appreciation.

STEWARDSHIP : We demonstrate responsibility and accountability for our actions.