A Huge Thank You!

January 5, 2016

In 2013, long-time Tsawwassen resident, Benno Bucher, had an idea of setting up a garden train at KinVillage.  Benno resides in Beach Grove and every year, thousands of people visit his home during the festive season to take a look at the magical Christmas train display in his front garden.

This year, Benno approached John Lusted, Director of Recreation at the Community Centre, with this same great idea, adding that he and his friend, Gerard VanGaalen, wished to donate the track and the display to KinVillage.

The concept was discussed with our avid garden volunteer, Jack Robertson, who expressed a keen interest in building the the model train. Supplies donated by Benno and Gerard were delivered and Jack embarked upon his mission, devoting over 100 hours in planning the physical, operational and aesthetic aspects of the garden railroad.

The KinVillage Christmas Train, complete with its new engine and surrounded by miniature houses, made its debut at the end of November.  It has been enjoyed and celebrated in the festive lead-up to the holiday season by every age group in and around the KinVillage community.

Our deepest appreciation goes to Benno Bucher and Gerard VanGaalen for their vision and generous donations and to Jack Robertson for managing to convert those dreams into reality.   Thank you all for this special and memorable gift to KinVillage.